Web Applications Developer
May 2009 – Current

  • Launched the first XYMOGEN® eStore, integrated with Microsoft Dynamics GP for product and inventory control, which has grown up to 20% a month and is presently 14% of total practitioner orders.
  • Developed a user friendly Intranet, called XYMONet, utilizing ASP.NET and C# to provide a standardized interface for custom web based applications such as Event Planning, Shareholder Database
  • Created and customized Microsoft SharePoint Services 3.0 to take advantage of WSS features while maintaining the look and feel of XYMONet.
  • Created several reports in the form of User Controls and automated emails to notify if there are problems with web orders to easily identify and correct the issues with minimal effort to allow reliable delivery to our fulfillment team without errors since being put into operation in July, 2009.

AVIZA Technology (SVG-Watkins Johnson)
Internet Applications Engineer
Nov 2006 – Feb 2009

  • Developed and maintained Demand Management system using ASP.NET with a SQL Server backend feed by Microsoft Transaction Services and Oracle 11i.
  • Revamped KnowledgeNET, a large legacy ASP application used by service techs on the field, to have a cleaner UI with dynamically loaded tabs in addition to many new features such as parts ordering.
  • Created Oracle Tools application with features such as the BOM (Bill Of Material) Explorer which allows users to browse a tree structure with nodes populated by AJAX and ASP/Oracle11i backend.
  • Developed Web 2.0 localized clock widget and employee look-up using ASP.NET/AJAX and other utilities to fit into MOSS 2007 Web Parts.
  • Created and maintained MOSS 2007 websites to replace department file shares with SharePoint List and Libraries for more efficient document collaboration.
  • Designed Classic ASP and ASP.NET MasterPage to replicate the look and feel of MOSS 2007 within both new and legacy applications.

Contract/Web Developer
Aug 2006 – Nov 2006

  • Developed external web site and portal for eventual merging of other CETECOM web sites.

3 Marketeers Marketing
Web Designer
May 2006 – Aug 2006

Developed web sites to Web Standards and Unobtrusive JavaScript to meet the marketing direction and goals of several companies while also meeting my own expectations of visual excellence.

Yeadon Group \ Independent Contracts
Sep 2002 – Present

  • Created partnerships and alliances with companies such as Proactive Media, Inc., Starling Productions, and other development, marketing, and design studios.
  • Experimented with SEO techniques securing 1st and 2nd place positioning on MSN and Google search engines for client web site on popular keywords.
  • Created and managed over 40 web sites, logo design and programming projects.
  • Katrina’s Angels ( http://www.yeadongroup.com/clients/katrinasangels/ )
    Created web site and logo which helped gather over 100 volunteers in first 2 weeks online to find employment and housing for victims of natural disasters.
  • PranaSystems ( http://www.yeadongroup.com/clients/pranasystems/ )
    Designed web site and logo using web standards and created templates placed inside Zope CMS.
  • Kraft Insurance ( http://www.kraftinsurance.com )
    Created web site and quote request database in ASP.
  • TQ Logistics ( http://www.tqlogistics.com )
    Designed web site, logo, and a content management system using an in-browser WYSIWYG editor.
  • EasyDonor ( http://www.yeadongroup.com/clients/easydonor/ )
    Designed web site and logo for marketing page and web based ASP application. Designed using Macromedia Fireworks and Macromedia Flash.
  • Trinity Tile ( http://www.trinitytile.com )
    Populated web site content and images and created an Overstock database with PHP \ MySQL and thumbnails using GD Library.
  • Orange County Fraternal Order of Police
    Modified their existing web site to create database driven content. Created content management system using ASP/MS SQL 2000 and WYSIWYG editor in the backend. Also created a FAQ database that allows visitors to submit questions through the web site.
  • Orange County Convention & Visitors Bureau
    Designed a handful of web pages and electronic marketing materials using Adobe PhotoShop and Macromedia Flash.

Wadsworth Group, Thomson Learning
Senior Website Coordinator
Jan 2001 – Aug 2002

  • Created Pro-Track which combined data from all over the country into 1 application. Pro-Track was built using ASP 2.0/MS SQL 2k and pulled data from 2 Oracle databases, MySQL, and AS400.
  • Trained project mangers for over 30 disciplines and wrote documentation to assist in their web requests.
  • Created user friendly front end to Keystone and efficiency reports program to monitor turn around.
  • Converted existing PHP/MySQL support call center into a powerful web request system called Keystone.
  • Migrated content for Wadsworth.com & Brookscole.com into Oracle database.
  • Ran frequent searches for broken links and other problems using Linkbot Pro and Linux Perl scripts.

Electric Communities
Senior Web Developer
Sep 2000 – Nov 2000

  • Migrated Corporate site, modified & configured CGI scripts for load balanced servers.
  • Worked on CGI/Perl script which pushed binary files to Akamai servers and updated URL locations.
  • Implemented Charades JavaScript game into multi-user web environment.
  • Solved cross browser & platform issues with front end HMTL/JavaScript and JSP.
  • Assisted 4 junior developers in using CVS DOS and development-staging-live work spaces and client side scripting.

Harcourt School Publishers
New Media Specialist
Dec 1999 - Aug 2000

  • Setup a computer lab utilizing a dozen systems/specs with the ability to create Mac images and Ghost backups for fast and efficient re-imaging of testing equipment.
  • Created Implementation & Standards documentation for deploying embedded objects to HTML.
  • Programmed ActionScript for Macromedia Flash games developed by 3 graphic artists.
  • Performed Quality Assurance/Bug Testing for software created in Macromedia Director for CD distribution on PC/Mac as well as Internet activities created in Flash 4 and DHTML.

Stromberg, LLC \ Jason Data Systems
MIS Engineer
Jan 1997 - Oct 1999

  • Lead a web committee delivering 3 web site concepts and full content to replace previous site.
  • Maintained and Troubleshooting of office computers and printers for over 100 employees.
  • Offered internal support to technical support technicians as well as directly supporting important dealers and vendors.
  • As the youngest employee I rapidly advanced from a position in Shipping / Order Fulfillment to Repairs to MIS Engineer.
  • Repaired communications boards and installed EPROM updates for magnetic badge readers and biometric punch clocks.